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Managing Equipment Wear and Tear: Handling Scratches and Dirt
Managing Equipment Wear and Tear: Handling Scratches and Dirt

Understanding Normal Wear and Tear:

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When renting out your equipment on ShareGrid, expect some wear and tear from regular use. Minor scratches (not on lenses or sensitive equipment), scuffs, and removable dirt are typical and not covered under our insurance options.

Steps to Address Significant Damage:

  1. Inspect Equipment Upon Return: Always check your gear as soon as it's returned to spot any issues quickly.

  2. Document the Damage: If you notice damage beyond normal wear, take clear photos to document these issues.

  3. Communicate with the Renter: Inform the renter about the damage immediately and discuss possible remedies.

  4. Reach Out for Support:

    • Email the detailed damage description and photos to for further assistance.

    • Our team will review the situation and guide you on the next steps.

  5. Submit an Incident Form: For significant damages that cannot be resolved directly with the renter, fill out our Incident Form. Our Claims Team will help you navigate through the claims process.

Maintaining open communication with renters is crucial for resolving issues efficiently. Please contact our support staff should you have any questions.

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