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Can I extend the rental period and add custom charges or discounts as a rental owner?
Can I extend the rental period and add custom charges or discounts as a rental owner?

How to apply a custom charge, a discount, or change rental dates as a rental owner.

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If you're renting out your equipment on ShareGrid, we're here to guide you on how to make rental extensions and apply custom charges or discounts easily. We aim to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for owners and renters. Let's get started:

If you are a rental owner and want to extend a rental period:

  1. Go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu on the rental confirmation page.

  2. Select ‘Change / Extend Dates.’

  3. The rental extensions will automatically apply the multi-day discounts to the additional day(s) added, per our standard pricing structure. The system will recalculate the rental cost once the extension is applied.

  4. 4: However, if you do not want to observe the multi-day discounts for the added day(s), you may apply a late fee instead of a rental extension. To add a late fee, go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu on the rental confirmation page and select ‘Late Return.’ This method will charge the renter for each additional day added, excluding the return day if the rental is returned by noon.

  5. Please remember that extending the rental period may increase the total rental cost for the renter. Therefore, ensuring they know and agree to this before making any changes is essential.

Shortening a Rental Period:

  1. To shorten a rental, go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu and select ‘Change / Extend Dates’ in the rental view.

  2. If you previously extended the rental dates, you may see a custom charge added for the additional days. To avoid confusion, please remove this extra charge manually when reducing the number of days.

Adding a Custom Charge:

  1. If you need to add a custom charge for services or equipment beyond the original request, you can do so via the ‘Edit Rental' menu on an active rental by selecting 'New Charge.'

  2. Please ensure that the renter has explicitly agreed to these charges. Always get their permission before adding any custom costs.

  3. It's essential to note that any additional equipment charged this way will not be covered under ShareGrid's "Damage Waiver" or "Damage + Theft" coverages. Also, you are responsible for verifying with the insurance provider if the replacement value of the additional equipment is covered under any supplemental insurance policies the renter may have.

  4. Custom Charges will not include any owner-imposed taxes. Make sure to include any taxes you need to collect in the charge.

  5. Custom Charges are subject to ShareGrid's standard "Community Fee" for renters and "Service Fee" for owners.

  6. The maximum limit for custom charges is $1000. If you need to apply charges above this limit, please contact ShareGrid Support for assistance.

  7. Important: Please don't use custom charges for Damage or Cancellation Fees. These must be requested through ShareGrid Support for proper processing.

  8. If you cannot find the ‘New Charge’ option and wish to add a charge, please contact us for support.

Adding a Custom Discount:

  1. You also have the option to add a custom discount to the order, which will be applied as a refund to the renter's card at the end of the rental.

  2. Please remember that you cannot discount a rental below your total profits for the rental.

  3. To add a discount, go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu and select ‘New Discount’ in the rental view.

Charging a Delivery Fee:

  1. If you offer delivery and have opted into it under "Settings > Account > Are you willing to deliver?" you can charge a delivery fee (up to a maximum of $200).

  2. The renter must pre-agreed your delivery terms and fees to apply a delivery fee. You can do this by tapping "Edit Rental > Delivery Charge" in the rental view.

  3. If applicable, please account for any taxes for the delivery in the charge.

  4. By offering delivery, you'll display a delivery truck badge on your profile and listings, leading to increased rental requests.

Adding a Cancellation Fee to a Cancelled rental:

  1. ShareGrid Support must apply cancellation fees for rentals that have been canceled and are eligible for a cancellation fee. Please get in touch with us to request these types of fees.

At ShareGrid, we value your experience, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Please contact our support team should you have any questions or need help.

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