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Understanding and Managing Damage Claims on ShareGrid
Understanding and Managing Damage Claims on ShareGrid

Navigating Damage Claims and Coverage Options on ShareGrid

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Understanding your coverage options and how to handle a damage claim are vital parts of the rental process on ShareGrid. Here's a guide to help you manage these situations effectively:

Coverage Options on ShareGrid: ShareGrid provides various coverage options to protect rentals, including:

Each option has specific protocols for addressing claims, tailored to different needs and rental durations.

Steps to Addressing a Damage Claim:

  1. Incident Reporting:

    • Once damage is reported, the renter and owner receive an Incident Form and instructions for the next steps. Submitting this form does not imply guilt but starts the investigation process.

  2. Categories of Coverage:

    • ShareGrid-Serviced Coverage: Includes Damage Only and Damage + Theft options, acting as damage waivers.

    • Insurance Coverage: Managed by the respective insurance companies, including short-term, annual, and third-party policies.

  3. Filing a Claim:

    • Coverage Claim: Directly work with ShareGrid's Claims team for Damage Only and Damage + Theft issues.

    • Insurance Claim: Coordinate with your insurance provider; ShareGrid will assist you by providing the necessary rental documentation.

Potential Legal Implications: If disputes remain unresolved, equipment owners may pursue legal action, such as small claims court, to recover damages.

Need Help? If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about filing a claim or the coverage options, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're committed to ensuring fair and transparent resolutions for all parties involved.
​Disclaimer: ShareGrid is not an insurance provider, broker, or agent. ShareGrid is not licensed as an insurance provider, broker, or agent in any state or country. The Damage Only coverage option is not an insurance policy. All rentals require some type of coverage, and purchasing the Damage Only coverage option is just one option. Other coverage options are available, including Short Term Insurance, Annual Insurance, and 3rd Party Insurance. Eligibility for coverage under the Damage Only coverage option is subject to your compliance with all of the terms and obligations in ShareGrid's Terms of Service.

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