ShareGrid’s Damage + Theft coverage offers an affordable way to cover a specific item for a short period of time against damage or theft. It's available for items up to $20,000 in replacement value.

Here are the details.


We know that accidents happen. Damage + Theft coverage applies to damage that occurs during your rental.

'Damage' is anything that impairs the functionality of the gear. It does not include cosmetic blemishes or scratches, or regular wear and tear.


People are often concerned about theft when renting equipment.

As a renter, Damage + Theft applies if someone forcibly steals rented equipment while it's in your possession, provided there is sufficient evidence and a police report.

This coverage includes theft from locked vehicles.


All claims under Damage + Theft are subject to a deductible of 12% of the Replacement Value of the listing. You can view the Replacement Value of every listing in the 'Specs' section on the item's listing page.

Example: You rent a listing with a Replacement Value value of $1500 using Damage + Theft coverage. If damage occurs during the rental and you make a claim, your deductible will be 12% of $1500, which is $180.


All claims are subject to review by the ShareGrid Claims Team.

Damage + Theft does not cover wear and tear, cosmetic scratches or blemishes, or any damage that results from the negligence of the renter.

Theft claims require sufficient evidence, and a police report. All claims will be thoroughly investigated. This coverage does not apply to thefts from unlocked vehicles.

This coverage does not extend to situations where the renter does not return equipment. This scenario is known as 'Voluntary Parting', and is considered fraud rather than theft.

For a full view of how Damage + Theft stacks up against other coverage options, see our handy comparison chart.

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