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When does my rental begin? When can I pick up and drop off the rental?
When does my rental begin? When can I pick up and drop off the rental?
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We're here to make your rental experience as friendly and straightforward as possible. Let's answer your questions about when your rental begins and when you can pick up and drop off your rental.

When does my rental begin?

Your rental period officially starts on the day you requested it to begin and received confirmation from the owner. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can enjoy your rental!

When can I pick up and drop off the rental?

The standard pick-up time is 2 pm or later on the designated pick-up day. However, if you need to arrange a different pick-up time, please get in touch with the owner to find the best time for you. We recommend using the messaging system within the rental confirmation page to coordinate these details easily. An early pick-up time may be subject to a fee at the owner’s discretion. Generally, pick-up and drop-off days are not meant for shooting; they are meant for testing, setting up, and transporting gear.

What about the drop-off time?

Similar to the pick-up time, unless you've made direct arrangements with the owner, the standard return time is by noon on the designated return date. This allows us to prepare the rental for the following user. If you need extra time and wish to keep the rental longer, please contact the owner beforehand to make the necessary arrangements. Rental extensions are at the rental owner's discretion.

Late Returns:

While we understand that sometimes plans change unexpectedly, please be aware that late returns may be subject to a late fee at the rental owner's request. So, it's always a good idea to return the rental on time or let the owner know if you need an extension.

If you have any more questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team. Happy renting!

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