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Utilizing Your Own Third-Party Insurance for Rentals on ShareGrid
Utilizing Your Own Third-Party Insurance for Rentals on ShareGrid

How to Use and Verify Your Personal Insurance for Equipment Rentals

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Here’s how to use your own third-party insurance for equipment rentals on ShareGrid, ensuring you are covered and compliant.

Eligibility and Pre-Checks:

  • Coverage Confirmation: Before using your insurance for rentals on ShareGrid, confirm that your policy includes coverage for rented equipment.

  • Consult Your Provider: If unsure, contact your insurance provider to ensure your policy is appropriate for the equipment you intend to rent.

Verification Process on ShareGrid:

  1. Upload Policy Details: Log into your ShareGrid account and upload the necessary details of your insurance policy.

  2. Verification by ShareGrid: We will contact your insurance provider to verify the coverage amount and policy validity.

  3. Completion: Verification typically takes between 1-2 business days. Once verified, your policy details, including limits and effective dates, will be displayed on your account.


  • Once your insurance is verified and linked to your account, you can use it for upcoming rentals. Ensure your policy remains active and adequately covers all rented items throughout the rental period.

Need Help?

  • Please contact our support team if you need any assistance during the verification process or have general questions about using your own insurance on ShareGrid.

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