How to Mark a Rental Complete as an Owner

Ready to Get Paid? Follow These Steps to Mark Your Rental as Complete.

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To ensure a smooth and timely payment process, here's how to mark your rental as complete once all items are returned and in good condition:

  1. Find the Rental Confirmation Page:

    • Go to the rental confirmation page or check your email for the rental confirmation email.

  2. Locate the "Mark as Complete" Button:

    • Look for the green "Mark as Complete" button on the rental confirmation page.

    • If you can't find the page, use the link provided in the rental confirmation email.

  3. Timing Matters:

    • The "Mark as Complete" button is available only on the scheduled return date or after. Ensure you mark it complete on or after this date.

  4. Need More Information?

    • For details on when the rental officially ends and other related steps, check our support article here.

Following these steps helps ensure a smooth rental process. Please contact our friendly support team with any questions. Happy renting!

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