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Understanding Your Rental End Time
Understanding Your Rental End Time

Guidelines for a Smooth and Timely Drop-Off Process

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When Does My Rental End?

To ensure a seamless rental experience, knowing when your rental period ends and how to manage the return process efficiently is crucial. Your rental period concludes on the agreed-upon return date. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth drop-off process:

Arranging the Drop-Off:

  • Coordinate with the Owner: Contact the owner to arrange a convenient time and place to return the gear.

  • Inspect the Equipment: Check the gear before returning it to ensure everything is in good working order.

Standard Drop-Off Time:

  • Return by Noon: The standard return time is noon on the designated return date to prepare the rental for the next user.

  • Need More Time: If you require an extension for the rental, please contact the owner in advance to make arrangements. Extensions are subject to the owner's approval.

Late Returns:

  • Late Fee: Owners may request a late fee for delayed returns. To avoid this, return the rental on time or notify the owner if you need an extension. Extensions are applied at the owner's discretion.

Completing the Rental:

  • Owner Confirmation: Once the equipment is returned and the owner confirms its condition, they will mark the rental as complete.

  • Marking the Rental Complete: Owners can do this on the confirmation page or via email. ShareGrid will then be notified of the successful rental.

  • Automatic Completion: Our system will complete the rental automatically if the owner does not mark it complete within 48 hours. No additional charges will be applied for rentals marked complete after the due date.

If you have any questions or need help, our friendly support team is here to help. Happy renting!

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