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As an Owner, how do I mark a rental complete?
As an Owner, how do I mark a rental complete?

Ready to get paid? Here's how to mark your booked rental complete.

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Once you've received your gear and ensured all items are accounted for and in good working condition, it's time to mark the rental as complete!

Here's how to do it:

To get started, find the rental confirmation page or check your email for the rental confirmation email.

Look for the green "Mark as Complete" button on the rental confirmation page. If you need help finding the rental confirmation page, please take a look at the rental confirmation email, which has a link to the page.

Timing matters: Remember that the "Mark as Complete" button only becomes available on the scheduled return date of the booked rental. So, make sure you're marking it complete on or after the return date.

If you need more details on when the rental officially ends and what to do, you can check out our support article HERE for additional information.

This helps make the rental process smoother for you. Please contact our friendly support team for further questions or assistance. Happy renting!

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