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Drone Rental Insurance Guide on ShareGrid
Drone Rental Insurance Guide on ShareGrid

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage for Your Drone Rentals

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Renting a drone on ShareGrid? Make sure you're covered with the right insurance. Here's what you need to know:

Coverage Options Based on Drone Value:

  1. Drones Up to $3,500 in Replacement Value:

    • Damage + Theft Coverage: ShareGrid offers this coverage option.

    • Purchase at Checkout: Available immediately during the checkout process.

    • Terms and Exclusions: For detailed terms, including coverage exclusions, refer to Section 16 of ShareGrid's Terms of Service.

  2. Drones Above $3,500 in Replacement Value:

    • Provide Your Own Insurance: You must have your own drone insurance coverage.

Using Your Own Drone Insurance:

  1. Is it Possible? Yes!

  2. How to Add:

    • Go to your account: Settings > Insurance > Third Party.

    • Upload your existing drone insurance policy details.

  3. Verification Process:

    • ShareGrid will contact your insurance provider to verify coverage details.

    • Once verified, your insurance will be active on your ShareGrid account.

  4. Coverage Requirement:

    • Your policy must include hull coverage (physical damage coverage).

    • This coverage protects against damage to the drone and its attachments during flight.

Don’t Have Drone Insurance?

  • Athos Insurance: Our partner, Athos Insurance, offers specialized drone coverage. Learn more and get covered here.

Already Have Equipment Insurance?

  • Double-Check Your Coverage: Confirm with your insurance agent that your existing rented equipment insurance includes drone hull coverage.

Proper insurance protects you and ensures a seamless rental experience on ShareGrid. Safe flying!

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