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Documenting Equipment Condition with Digital Check Sheets
Documenting Equipment Condition with Digital Check Sheets

Using Digital Check Sheets to Resolve Rental Disputes

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When renting equipment through ShareGrid, documenting the condition of the items accurately at both pick-up and return is crucial, especially in a damage dispute. Here's how you can use our digital check sheets effectively:

Introduction to Digital Check Sheets: ShareGrid provides digital check sheets to help renters and owners document the condition of rented items. Although Check sheets are not mandatory, they serve as crucial evidence in case of a dispute about an item's condition after use.

How Digital Check Sheets Work:

  • At Pick-Up: ShareGrid texts the renter a digital check sheet on the rental pick-up day. This sheet should be filled out to record the equipment's condition before it leaves the owner's premises.

  • At Return: When the rental period ends, the owner completes the digital check sheet to record the condition of the equipment upon its return. This step marks the rental as complete.

Benefits of Using Digital Check Sheets:

  • Provides a clear, time-stamped record of the item's condition at critical points.

  • It helps prevent disputes by ensuring both parties agree on the conditions documented.

  • Facilitates a smoother resolution process if damage claims arise.

Please visit our digital check sheet process page for detailed instructions on filling out digital check sheets.

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