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Navigating Account Display, Legal, and Business Names on ShareGrid
Navigating Account Display, Legal, and Business Names on ShareGrid

Understanding Naming Conventions and Usages on ShareGrid

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At ShareGrid, we allow users to fill out three specific name fields when setting up their profiles: Legal Name, Display Name, and Business Name. Of the three, the Legal Name is mandatory to operate a verified ShareGrid account and will be used for ShareGrid Rental Agreements/Contracts.

Here's a detailed guide to help you understand each category and ensure your profile is compliant and effective.

Types of Names You Can Use on ShareGrid:

  1. Legal Name: This should be your full name as recognized legally by government authorities.

  2. Registered Business Name: If operating a ShareGrid account under a business name, it must be officially registered, active, and in good standing. You must own the business or be authorized to use its name.

  3. Established Stage Name: If you're known professionally by a different name, such as a stage name, you can use that name, provided there is an established online presence associated with it.

  4. Preferred Names: You're welcome to use a preferred name, such as a middle name or nickname, as long as it reflects your identity accurately and is consistent with your persona.

Note that your display name will be locked once you start the ID verification process. If you wish to change your display name to an established stage name or preferred name, please contact our support team at Contact or

Guidelines and Restrictions for Display Names:

  • Inappropriate Content: Names must not contain offensive or profane language.

  • Impersonation: Your display name should accurately represent your identity. Using someone else's name or creating a misleading online persona is prohibited.

  • Symbols and Numbers: These should be avoided unless they are part of a legally registered and active business name.

  • Non-Compliant Business Names: Only use business names currently in good standing with relevant authorities.

Importance of Accurate Display Names:

Accurate display names are crucial to building trust and ensuring safety within the ShareGrid community. They also help other members understand who they are dealing with, which is essential in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Names of Rental Agreements/Contracts:

  • Rental Transactions: The full legal name of the account holder is used on the Rental Agreement page, which is accessible to both parties involved in the transaction.

  • Business Accounts: If using a business account, both the business name and the legal name of the account holder will appear on the Rental Agreement as required by insurance standards.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about setting up your account or need help with rental agreements, our support team is here to help! Contact us anytime for support. By adhering to these guidelines, you help maintain the professionalism and integrity of the ShareGrid community. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to clear and appropriate account naming.

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