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Setting Up Your ShareGrid Business Account
Setting Up Your ShareGrid Business Account

Easily Create a New Account or Convert a Personal Account to Business

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Whether you're looking to establish a new business presence on ShareGrid or convert an existing personal account to a business account, our streamlined process is designed to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Here’s how you can set up your ShareGrid business account with ease:

Getting Started:

  1. Add Your Business Name:

    • Navigate to Settings > Profile Info.

    • Check the box labeled "We operate under a legally registered business name" beneath the account name input field.

    • Enter the name registered with your State or local authority, which we will use for verification purposes. If operating under a DBA (Doing Business As), please indicate this by checking the corresponding box.

  2. Account Verification:

    • Once you submit your business name, we will verify it with your local agency. During this process, your account will be temporarily paused. We will reactivate it as soon as we confirm that your business license is in good standing.

  3. Setting Up Payments:

    • Go to Profile > Settings > Payout.

    • Select "I Operate as a Business" to correctly set up your payout account under your business name with Stripe.

Stripe Account Conversion for Existing Personal Account Members:

  • For the type of Stripe accounts ShareGrid uses (Stripe Express Account), converting from a personal to a business account must be done through your Stripe dashboard.

  • Sign in to your Stripe dashboard via the "payouts" tab in settings. You will find the option to convert your account in one of the menus.

Additional Verification Information:

If we require more details to verify your business name, we will contact you via email. You may need to provide:

  • The U.S. state in which your business is registered.

  • Ensure that the business entity name you provide (e.g., Your Company/YourCompany, LLC) matches the spelling and spacing registered with the state. Accurate details are crucial for successful verification.

  • If you have a sole proprietorship, please inform us in which county the business name is registered.

Need Help?:

  • If you encounter any issues while setting up or converting your Stripe account, please contact Stripe’s support directly at Stripe Support.

  • We are here to help with your ShareGrid account setup but cannot access your Stripe dashboard.

If you have further questions or need assistance with setting up your ShareGrid business account, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to ensure a smooth setup process so you can start renting out your gear as a business on ShareGrid.

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