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How We Calculate Package Prices
How We Calculate Package Prices

Learn how package pricing is determined.

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When creating a package listing, the price calculation is based on the type and number of components you select. Here's a simple guide to understanding how we determine the base price of your package.


  • Required Components: These are options that you must include in your package as they are essential for the package functionality.

  • Optional Components: These are additional features that you can choose to include in your package for enhanced functionality but are not necessary.

Price Calculation Rules

The way we calculate the base price of your package depends on the number and type of components you choose:

  1. Multiple Required Components (2 or more)

    • The base price will be the sum of the prices of the cheapest required options.

    • Example: If the package has three required components priced at $100, $150, and $200, the base package price will be $100 + $150 + $200 = $450.

  2. Only One Required Component + Optional Components

    • If there is only one required component, the base price includes this component plus the cheapest of the optional components.

    • Example: If there is one required option priced at $120 and optional components priced at $80 and $100, the base package price will be $120 + $80 = $200.

    • Note that packages require at least two components to be published, and renters are required to rent at least two components when renting a package, even if only one is set to "required"

Additional Information

  • Prices are calculated automatically based on the components the renter selects when configuring a package.

  • Renters always see a detailed breakdown of the cost as you add or remove components, ensuring full transparency in pricing. The price displayed on package cards in search results advertised the lowest possible "starting at" price.

  • Any package discounts are applied as a percentage on the final calculated price at checkout.

We hope this guide helps you understand how we calculate the prices for our packages. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team.

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