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Navigating Reference Requirements for ShareGrid Rentals
Navigating Reference Requirements for ShareGrid Rentals

A Guide to Providing Valid References as a Renter on ShareGrid

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If you've been asked to provide references for your ShareGrid rental application, here’s how to ensure you meet our criteria and streamline the process.

Why References Are Needed:

Our system may request references depending on your rental history, professional background, and the value of the equipment you wish to rent. You will be notified via a verification request email to provide two professional production references if required.

What Qualifies as a Valid Reference:

ShareGrid requires references verified through credible and relevant sources connected to the film industry. Here are the types of email addresses that are acceptable for these references:

  • ShareGrid Accounts: The email should be linked to an active, established ShareGrid account.

  • Film-Related Domains: The email should be associated with a domain featuring recent, relevant filmmaking content.

  • Production Schools: Emails from staff or professors at recognized production schools are acceptable.

  • Online Portfolios: Emails linked to current profiles on Vimeo, YouTube, or personal filmmaking websites.

  • Professional Sites: Emails visible on professional networks or industry pages like IMDb Pro and LinkedIn.

Additional Information:

If you are applying for a new short-term insurance policy through Athos Insurance, note that charges will only be incurred once the equipment owner approves and accepts your rental request.

Need Help?

Please contact our support team if you encounter any issues or have questions about submitting your references. We’re here to assist you through the process and ensure you can proceed with your rental without delays.

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