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Maintaining Fair Pricing on ShareGrid
Maintaining Fair Pricing on ShareGrid

How Pricing Your Rentals Appropriately Can Boost Your Visibility and Success

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Ensuring fair pricing on rental listings is crucial to maintaining a competitive and balanced marketplace on ShareGrid.

What Happens to Rental Listings Priced Too Low?

At ShareGrid, we aim to maintain a fair and competitive marketplace for all our members. If you find a rental listing priced below fair market value, don't worry! We have tools to ensure fair pricing.

Encouraging Fair Pricing

  • Fair Market Value: We encourage owners to list their gear close to the average market value, resulting in higher rankings in search results and additional benefits.

  • Automated Alerts: Our system alerts owners if their listing price is too low based on community averages. This applies to all categories, products, and communities.

Consequences of Low Pricing

  1. Lower Search Rank:

    • Listings significantly below the average price are removed from our Best Match search tool, the most popular way members find gear.

  2. No Featured Spots in the Newsletter:

    • Listings priced too low won’t be featured in our weekly newsletter, which generates substantial traffic and more rentals.

  3. No Free Promotions:

    • If your prices are too low, you’ll miss out on free promotions through paid advertising (Facebook, Google, etc.).

  4. Ineligibility for Elite Badges:

    • Low prices can prevent you from earning an Elite badge. We’ll provide a warning and suggest a fairer price if low prices negatively impact the community.

Benefits of Fair Pricing

By pricing your gear competitively within the average market range, you can:

  • Rank higher in search results.

  • Be featured in the newsletter.

  • Enjoy free promotions.

  • Earn the Elite badge.

Need Help?

Our customer support team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns about your listings. Let's create a thriving and fair marketplace for all ShareGrid members!

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