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Understanding Our ID and Biometric Verification Process with Onfido
Understanding Our ID and Biometric Verification Process with Onfido

This article details ShareGrid's secure, private ID/biometric verification by Onfido, highlighting legal compliance.

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At ShareGrid, we prioritize the security and privacy of your personal information. This article addresses concerns and provides detailed information about our ID and biometric verification process powered by Onfido, a leading provider trusted by businesses worldwide.

How Onfido's Biometric Verification Works: Onfido's biometric verification system is designed to meet the highest standards of security and privacy, ensuring that the person creating an account or conducting transactions is indeed you. This system significantly enhances the security of your account, safeguarding against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Verification Steps:

Facial Video and ID Document Submission: During the verification process, you must submit a video of your face and an image of your identification document (ID or passport).

Data Extraction and Comparison: Onfido's system extracts biometric data from your facial scan and compares it with the photo in your identity document. This comparison aims to ensure a high probability that the person in the video and the ID document are identical.

Automated and Efficient Analysis: The verification analysis is fully automated, and approximately 95% of verifications are completed within seconds.

Security Compliance: The system complies with iBeta PAD Level 2 standards. It is equipped to protect against advanced security threats such as injection attacks, display attacks, and 2D/3D masks.

Onfido's Commitment to Privacy: Onfido is deeply committed to protecting your privacy and regularly reviews its strategies to manage and mitigate data protection and security risks. Key practices include pseudonymization, data aggregation, and de-identification of information where possible. These measures are taken to enhance user privacy and reduce security risks.

Legal Compliance: Onfido strictly adheres to all relevant privacy laws and regulations. This ensures that your data and rights are protected both legally and technically.

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If you have questions about Onfido's services, please feel free to contact their support at Onfido.

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