What is ShareGrid?
New to ShareGrid? Here's how it works.
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ShareGrid is an online marketplace for sharing film and photography equipment with other people in your city. We call it 'The Camera Sharing Community'.

Our members rent everything from tripods to grip trucks, DSLRs to drones. If you can find it in a photo studio or on a film set, you can find it on ShareGrid.

Need equipment for a shoot? Use ShareGrid to find exactly what you need locally. You can rent using one of our instant coverage options. And because you're renting direct from the owner, our prices are the most competitive in town.
Got equipment that you're not using all the time? Rent it out and make some extra cash! Every rental on ShareGrid is protected by one of our coverage options, and we verify each person who joins the site, so you can rent out your gear with confidence.

With over 40,000 members sharing more than $400 million worth of gear, ShareGrid is the place to go for professionals, hobbyists, students and part-time film-makers.

Ready to rent? Sign up on the homepage right here.

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