We want to offer renters great value, and make sure owners get as many rentals as possible. So we've adopted some industry-standard discounts for multi-day rentals. 

Here's how pricing works.

No charge for pick-up and drop-off days

Pick-up and drop-off days are free, because they're intended for checking, prepping and packing up your gear.

When you rent on ShareGrid, you'll pick up your gear after 2pm on the rental date, and you'll return it before 12 noon on the return day.

Unless you're booking a one-day rental, you should not plan to shoot on these days.

Shoot days

The cost of your rental is based on the number of shoot days. These are the days you'll actually be using the equipment.

1 to 3 Shoot Days

If you rent for 1, 2 or 3 shoot days, you pay for the shoot days only.

Example: your shoot days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Pick-up is Monday, drop-off is Thursday. You will be charged for 2 shoot days.

Example: your shoot days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Pick-up is Monday, drop-off is Friday. You will be charged for 3 shoot days.

The full-week rule (5 to 7 days)

Just like rental houses, we’ve adopted a weekly discount.

If you rent gear for 5 to 7 days, you only pay for 3 shoot days.

Weekends count as one day

We've adopted another industry standard discount: weekends count as 1 day (Saturday + Sunday).

Example: your shoot days are Saturday and Sunday. Pick-up is Friday, drop-off is Monday. You will be charged for 1 shoot day.

More examples:

(Pick-up - drop-off) – (Shoot days):

Thur - Fri – 1 day
Thur - Sat – 1 day
Thur - Sun – 2 days
Thur - Mon – 2 days
Thur - Tue – 3 days

Fri - Sat – 1 day
Fri - Sun – 1 day
Fri - Mon – 1 day
Fri - Tue – 2 days
Fri - Wed – 3 days

Sat - Sun – 1 day
Sat - Mon – 1 day
Sat - Tue – 2 days
Sat- Wed – 3 days

Sun - Mon – 1 day
Sun - Tue – 1 day
Sun - Wed – 2 days
Sun - Thur – 3 days

Beta community discount

During our beta launch in new cities, we add a temporary 20% discount on all rentals. 

This encourages more people to try ShareGrid and boosts the growth of the community. 

As an owner, the beta discount leads to more rentals and more money in your pocket. If you're uncomfortable with offering this discount, however, you're welcome to adjust the prices of your listings.

We remove the beta discount once a city community is established and thriving.

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