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As a rental owner, can I edit the dates on a pending rental request?
As a rental owner, can I edit the dates on a pending rental request?

Unable to accommodate the renter's exact dates but wish to offer alternative dates? We've got you covered!

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We understand that sometimes the dates proposed in a rental request must align with your schedule. Here's a simple guide on how to edit the dates:

  1. Head to the request page when you receive a rental request with inconvenient dates.

  2. On the request page, you can select different dates in response to the renter's request. Feel free to choose dates that work better for you.

  3. Once you've selected the new dates, you can send the renter a suggestion with the updated schedule. It's an excellent way to collaborate and find a suitable timeframe together.

  4. If needed, you can also send a friendly message to the renter to explain the reason behind the suggested changes. Open communication is always appreciated!

  5. Remember, you can only send date suggestions and messages before accepting a rental reservation request. Once you've officially booked a request, any date changes require editing the rental using our 'Edit Order' tool. So, it's best to finalize the dates before accepting.

Following these steps, you can easily coordinate with renters and ensure a smooth rental experience for everyone involved. If you have further questions or need assistance, our friendly support team is always ready to help! Feel free to reach out anytime. Happy renting!

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