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Supported Identification Documents on ShareGrid
Supported Identification Documents on ShareGrid

Ensuring Smooth Verification with Proper ID

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To verify your identity on ShareGrid, you must provide a clear and legible photo of one of the following accepted forms of identification:

  1. ​United States Driver's License: Only photos of the original plastic cards are accepted. No digital or paper copies. Foreign licenses are not accepted.

  2. State-Issued ID: Similarly, this should be a photo of the original plastic card version.

  3. Passport: This must be a photo of the original document. Digital or paper copies are not acceptable. Foreign nationals with valid U.S. visa status may use a photo of their passport's biographic page for verification.

Ensure that your ID photos are clear and well-lit to avoid any delays in the verification process. If uncertain about the quality of your upload, review it carefully before submission.

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