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Maximizing Insurance Benefits for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid
Maximizing Insurance Benefits for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid

How to Leverage Short-Term and Annual Insurance Policies for Continuous Project Coverage

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Are you considering insurance that covers more than just one rental period? ShareGrid's Short-Term and Annual Insurance policies offer flexible, comprehensive coverage options to meet your needs. Here’s what you need to know:

Versatile Coverage Options:

  • Short-Term and Annual Policies: These are not confined to single rental transactions. They can cover equipment rented from ShareGrid and other sources.

Multi-Project Coverage:

  • Short-term Policies: These are ideal for covering multiple projects within a limited timeframe. Please ensure your policy duration covers the entire rental period for all planned projects.

  • Annual Policies: Best suited for frequent creators, offering year-long coverage that is cost-effective for multiple projects throughout the year.

Guidance and Assistance:

Choose the right coverage to protect your projects, whether they are spread out throughout the year or concentrated over a shorter period.

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