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Understanding Response Rate and Acceptance Rate Metrics on ShareGrid
Understanding Response Rate and Acceptance Rate Metrics on ShareGrid

A Glimpse into Communication Efficiency

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Gauging a person's responsiveness and reliability when reaching out to them on ShareGrid is valuable. The Response Rate and Acceptance Rate metrics offer insights into a member's engagement with the community.

1. Response Rate & Time:

  • What it Indicates: This metric reveals how actively and promptly a member responds to messages.

  • How it's Displayed: You'll see a percentage representing the proportion of messages a member replies to. An average response time (hours or minutes) shows how quickly they respond.

  • Measurement Period: The data is gathered over the past 30 days. However, if there's limited recent activity, the metric is calculated over the last 90 days.

2. Acceptance Rate:

  • What it Indicates: This showcases how frequently an equipment owner approves rental requests.

  • How it's Displayed: A percentage reflects the number of rental requests accepted by the owner to the total requests they received.

  • Measurement Period: This metric considers activity over the last 180 days. It's dynamic, meaning the rate can fluctuate even if the member hasn't had recent interactions on the platform.

In Conclusion, by checking these metrics, you can set realistic expectations about how quickly and reliably a ShareGrid member may engage with you. It’s just one way we aim to foster clear communication and trust within our community.

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