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Streamlining Your Rental Offerings with ShareGrid Packages
Streamlining Your Rental Offerings with ShareGrid Packages

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating, Customizing, and Optimizing Rental Packages for Better Renter Engagement

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on creating and managing rental packages on ShareGrid, designed to enhance your visibility and flexibility while optimizing your rental listings.

Creating New Packages:

  1. Access the Feature: Navigate to 'Manage Listings' on your ShareGrid dashboard and click '+ Add New.' Select β€˜Package’ to start creating a new bundle.

  2. Define Your Package: Ensure each package includes at least one required listing and optional listings to offer customization. Renters must choose a minimum of two listings to proceed with a package rental.

Best Practices for Package Creation:

  • Singular Focus: Create a separate package for each primary inventory item, such as a camera body.

  • Required vs. Optional Listings: For added flexibility, Include essential equipment like lenses as required listings and accessories as optional.

  • Unique Listings: Avoid creating multiple packages with identical primary items or excessively long titles.

  • Visibility Check: Preview your package in a different browser or incognito mode to ensure it appears correctly to renters.

Pricing and Discounts:

  • Base Pricing: A package's base price starts with the combined cost of required listings and the cheapest optional item. This price increases as renters add more optional items.

  • Discounts: Consider offering discounts to make your packages more attractive than individual item rentals. Apply these discounts across all items in the package.

Package Limitations and Management:

  • Restrictions: Packages cannot include items like drones, spaces, and vehicles that require specific insurance.

  • Quantity Management: Adjust quantities at the listing level. Currently, the same listing cannot appear multiple times in one package, but this feature is planned for future updates.

Updating Legacy Packages:

  1. Access Listing Manager: Log into your ShareGrid account and go to the Listing Manager.

  2. Identify Legacy Packages: Filter your listings by selecting "Packages (Legacy)" to find all existing legacy packages.

  3. Decompose Complex Packages: For legacy packages with multiple primary items, break them down into individual listings. Accessories such as batteries and cables can be included as kit items under these listings. Only create separate listings for accessories if you intend to rent them individually.

  4. Recreate Packages: Assemble these individual listings into new, updated packages.

  5. Deactivate Old Listings: Close your previous legacy package listings as you transition to the new format.

  6. Convert Single Item Packages: If a legacy package consists only of one primary item (e.g., a camera body with accessories), disable the package feature to convert it into a standard listing suitable for inclusion in new packages.

Benefits of New Packages:

  • Convenience: Automated tracking and alternative options simplify rental requests and inventory management.

  • Increased Visibility: New packages are prioritized in search results, enhancing exposure.

  • Improved Renter Experience: Streamlined options and fewer rental denials boost your acceptance rates and renter satisfaction.

Beta Testing and Feedback:

Please note that ShareGrid Packages cannot be promoted through Promoted Listings or ShareGrid Plus at this time. We hope to release this feature in the future.

We are currently beta-testing the new package builder. Your feedback is crucial for refining this feature. Please feel free to reach out to our support staff with any suggestions or issues to help us enhance the package creation experience.

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