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Navigating Short-Term Insurance on ShareGrid

A Guide to Acquiring Flexible, Temporary Insurance for Your Rental Needs

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Explore the advantages of opting for Short-Term insurance through ShareGrid. This policy, provided by Athos Insurance, is designed to meet your short-term requirements and integrates smoothly with your ShareGrid account, enhancing the rental experience. It is perfect for single projects or when annual coverage isn't necessary.

Key Benefits of Short-Term Insurance via ShareGrid:

  • Automatically issue a certificate of insurance to the equipment owner upon booking.

  • Streamlined rental process with integrated insurance coverage.

How to Purchase Short-Term Insurance:

  1. Log In: Access your ShareGrid account.

  2. Navigate: Go to "Settings" by clicking on your name.

  3. Select Insurance: Choose "Short-Term" and click 'Get An Instant Quote.'

  4. Customize Your Coverage: Use our real-time quote system to select the coverage that suits your needs. The premium will update live as you make changes.

Choosing the Appropriate Coverage:

  • Ensure the policy covers the total replacement value of all items rented during the policy period.

  • The policy should cover the full duration of the rental, including pick-up and drop-off dates.

  • Premiums vary based on the coverage amount and duration of the policy.

After Your Purchase:

  • The insurance automatically applies to rentals within the policy's active dates up to the coverage limit.

  • For rentals covered under this policy, the equipment owner will receive a certificate of insurance (COI).

Refund Policy: Please be aware that the premiums and fees for Short-Term policies are non-refundable once purchased.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about your insurance policy or need more information, please contact Athos Insurance at (626) 716-9800 or email For non-insurance-related questions, please contact our support staff.

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