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As a Renter: My Rental Was Reported Damaged
As a Renter: My Rental Was Reported Damaged

Handling Equipment Damage: Steps to Follow

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Report the Incident:

Regardless of who is at fault, always complete the Incident Form promptly.

Notify All Parties:

  • Contact the Equipment Owner: Always inform the owner about any damages, even if they are minor.

  • Inform Your Insurance Provider: If you have third-party coverage, start the claim process with them. Remember, initiating a claim isn't an admission of responsibility.

Regarding Coverage:

  • Damage Waiver Coverage: If you've chosen the damage waiver option, after filling out the Incident Form, we will guide you through our damage waiver procedures.

  • Third-Party Coverage: Those with external insurance should primarily rely on their policy for damage claims.

Replacement Assistance:

If the damage renders the equipment unusable, you can either:

  • Search on ShareGrid for an alternative piece of equipment.

  • Contact our support team, and we'll assist you in finding a suitable replacement either on ShareGrid or through another source.

Remember, timely reporting of damages ensures better protection and smooth resolution.

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