How to De-List or Close a Listing

Simple Steps to Manage Your Listings and Use Vacation Mode

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If you need to close a listing or make all your listings temporarily unavailable, follow these simple steps to manage your availability efficiently:

Closing a Listing

If you need to close a listing because an item is being serviced or is no longer available, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Your Profile Page:

    • Find the listing you want to close.

  2. Close the Listing:

    • On the page's right side, click "Close listing."

That's it! The listing will be removed from the marketplace and invisible to other members. It will be saved as a closed listing, which you can reopen whenever you want.

Using Vacation Mode

If you need a break and want to make all your listings temporarily unavailable, use Vacation Mode:

  1. Go to Settings:

    • In your account, click on "Settings."

  2. Activate Vacation Mode:

    • Go to the "Account" tab.

    • Look for "Vacation Mode."

    • Use the calendar to block out the dates you'll be unavailable for rentals.

With Vacation Mode activated, your listings will still appear in search results, but renters won't be able to request the dates you've selected.

You can return to regular mode whenever you can accept rentals. Enjoy your rental experience!

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