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Essential Guidelines for ID Upload on ShareGrid
Essential Guidelines for ID Upload on ShareGrid

Uploading an ID Image: Color Requirement

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For successful verification on our platform, you must upload a full-color image of your ID. Here’s why color is necessary:

  • Security Features: Color images reveal security details like holograms and watermarks that are not visible in black and white.

  • Photo Clarity: A color photo ensures that your face is recognizable, matching you to your ID.

  • Details Visibility: Critical information, such as expiration dates, is more discernible in color.

How to Capture High-Quality ID Photos:

  • Find Good Lighting: Make the ID visible by choosing a well-lit area.

  • Frame Properly: Ensure the entire ID card is within the frame without any cutoffs.

  • Use High Resolution: Upload the image in color and ensure it is high resolution to capture all details.

This requirement enhances the security and integrity of our verification process. Thank you for your cooperation.

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