What if I damage my rental?

Accidents can happen, and we want you to know that we're here to help you every step of the way!

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What to Do If You Accidentally Damage the Rental Equipment

You don't need to worry if you damage the equipment during your rental period. The first thing to do is let the rental Owner know immediately and fill out our Incident Form. Our top priority is to address any issues quickly and make the process as easy as possible.

For those who opted for insurance coverage for your rental, contacting your insurance provider is essential to start the claim process. Remember, the key is to report any damages as soon as possible, as waiting until after the rental return date may affect the coverage.

If you chose either Damage Only or Damage + Theft Coverage, complete the Incident Form and contact the Owner. Once we get the information, we'll guide you through the damage waiver process and inform you at every stage.

If you used third-party insurance coverage for the rental, please contact your insurance provider to initiate a claim.

We emphasize that submitting an Incident Form or claim does not mean any admission of guilt. We're focused on helping you and providing support throughout the process.

If the damage prevents you from using the equipment, don't worry; we've got your back! You have options in this situation. You can search for a replacement on ShareGrid, or we'll be more than happy to help you find a suitable replacement either on ShareGrid or elsewhere.

Accidents are a natural part of life, and we're committed to making the entire process friendly, straightforward, and helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're here to help!

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