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What if I’m not satisfied with the equipment?
What if I’m not satisfied with the equipment?

Unsatisfied with the Rented Equipment? Here's What to Do:

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Immediate Communication:

Initiate a conversation with the equipment owner. Clearly express your concerns and reasons for dissatisfaction. Open dialogue often leads to quick and straightforward resolutions.

Reach Out to Us:

Please contact our support team if you feel the issue hasn't been resolved after speaking with the owner. We're here to help mediate and ensure a fair solution.

Seeking Alternatives:

Depending on the nature of the issue, we will do our utmost to assist, whether that means helping to source alternative equipment or facilitating discussions for potential reimbursements.

Remember, clear communication is key. The quicker you raise concerns, the faster they can be addressed. We aim to ensure every ShareGrid experience is smooth and satisfactory for all parties involved.

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