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Navigating Coverage for Traveling with Rented Equipment

Understanding Coverage and Owner Approvals for International and Domestic Destinations

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Here's how to ensure your rented equipment is insured and approved for travel, whether you're shooting across the country or around the globe.

Travel Approval Requirements:

Before booking, obtain explicit approval from the equipment owner for your travel destinations and filming locations. Discuss any location-specific conditions with the owner to ensure full compliance with their preferences.

Athos Insurance Coverage Details: Short-Term and Annual Policies:

  • Global Coverage: These policies typically offer worldwide protection.

  • Exclusions: Coverage is not provided for countries under US sanctions or with active travel advisories.

  • Coverage Limit in Mexico: Insurance coverage is capped at $25,000 for equipment used in Mexico.

  • Further Information: Contact Athos Insurance directly at (626) 716-9800 or for detailed coverage limitations and information.

Damage Only and Damage + Theft Coverage:

  • Domestic Coverage Only: These coverage options cover equipment within the US and exclude international travel.

Utilizing Third-Party Insurance:

  • Verification Required: Always confirm the extent of coverage for international travel directly with your third-party insurance provider.

Ensure you are well-prepared and informed about the insurance specifics when traveling with rented equipment. Adequate planning protects your interests and upholds the trust of equipment owners.

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