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Does the insurance cover gear when I'm traveling? What about outside the US?
Does the insurance cover gear when I'm traveling? What about outside the US?

Traveling with Rented Gear: Insurance Coverage Insights

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Prior Approval is a Must:

Before you finalize your booking, ensure you get explicit consent from the equipment owner regarding your intended travel destinations and shooting spots. Equipment owners may have specific preferences, so always discuss and confirm beforehand.

Insurance Coverage Specifics:

Short-Term and Annual Policies:

  • Generally, these policies provide global coverage.

  • However, there are exclusions, notably countries with current US sanctions or active travel advisories.

  • The coverage cap is set at $25k for rentals destined for Mexico.

  • Stay updated on coverage limitations and specifics by contacting Athos Insurance at (626) 716-9800 or via email at

Damage Only and Damage + Theft Policies:

These policies exclusively cover rentals within the US. International travel is not included in the coverage.

Using Third-Party Insurance:

If you're utilizing an external insurance policy, directly verifying coverage details with the insurance provider is vital, especially concerning travel.

Always plan ahead and ensure you're well-informed on the insurance coverage specifics when traveling with rented gear. It safeguards your interests and maintains the trust of equipment owners.

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