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Managing Delivery Options for Your Rentals on ShareGrid
Managing Delivery Options for Your Rentals on ShareGrid

Offering Flexibility and Convenience for Your Gear Rentals

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Deciding whether to deliver gear to renters is entirely up to you as an owner. Here’s a brief guide on how to handle delivery options and what to consider:

Deciding to Deliver Gear:

  • Optional Delivery: As an owner, you are not required to deliver the gear. Typically, renters will come to your specified location to pick it up.

  • Adding Delivery Services: If you offer delivery, you can set a delivery fee and add a 'Delivery' badge to your listings. This helps let potential renters know that you provide this extra service.

Setting Up Delivery Options:

  • Flexibility: You decide whether to offer delivery based on what works best for your schedule and operational style.

  • Control: You maintain complete control over how you manage your rentals, including whether to include pick-up and delivery services.

  • Seamless Integration: Our platform facilitates the process by handling additional delivery charges, ensuring a smooth transaction for both you and the renter.

Additional Charges:

  • Please note that all added charges, including delivery fees, are subject to ShareGrid’s standard service fees.

Interested in Providing Delivery?

By providing these options, you enhance the rental experience for your customers, potentially increasing your bookings while offering the convenience that many renters appreciate. If you need assistance or have questions about implementing delivery services, our support team is ready to help.

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