Is liability coverage included?

Understanding Coverage on ShareGrid

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Primary Rental Requirement:

To rent on ShareGrid, renters must ensure adequate rental equipment coverage equivalent to the full replacement value of the equipment they intend to rent.

Coverage Options on ShareGrid:

We offer a range of coverage solutions:

  • Damage Only

  • Damage + Theft

  • Annual or Short-Term Policies (provided by Athos Insurance)

  • Renters also have the option to upload third-party coverage to their ShareGrid account. All third-party policies undergo direct verification with the respective insurance company.

Liability Coverage - Important Points:

Renters are not mandated to possess liability coverage to secure rentals on ShareGrid.

Our available coverage options do not encompass liability insurance.

However, Athos Insurance does provide the option to add liability coverage to their policies if needed.

For Equipment Owners:

If you, as an owner, are concerned about potential liabilities, you can specify the need for liability coverage in the description of your equipment listings. This ensures transparency and clear expectations for prospective renters.

Remember, always ensure you're adequately covered, understanding the requirements and the protection the insurance offers.

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