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Ensuring Proper Coverage for Rentals on ShareGrid
Ensuring Proper Coverage for Rentals on ShareGrid

Navigating Insurance Requirements and Options for Renters and Owners

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This guide outlines the essential coverage requirements for renting equipment on ShareGrid, including the available options for damage and theft protection and details on liability insurance for both renters and equipment owners.

Coverage Requirements and Options on ShareGrid:

Mandatory Coverage: All ShareGrid renters must have coverage that matches or exceeds the total replacement value of the rented equipment.

Available Coverage Options:

  • Damage Only Coverage: Protection against any damages to the equipment during the rental period.

  • Damage + Theft Coverage: Includes damage protection and adds protection against theft.

  • Short-Term Insurance: Serviced by our insurance partner, Athos Insurance, this coverage is suitable for short rental periods and offers comprehensive protection.

  • Annual Insurance: Serviced by our insurance partner, Athos Insurance. Year-long coverage. Ideal for frequent renters or long-term rentals.​

  • Third-Party Insurance: An external insurance option not directly offered by ShareGrid but accepted.

Liability Coverage:

  • Not Required: Renters are not required to have liability insurance to rent equipment on ShareGrid.

  • Not Included: Our standard coverage options do not include liability insurance.

  • Optional: Renters can add liability coverage through Athos Insurance if needed.

For Equipment Owners: Owners concerned about liability can require renters to have liability coverage in their equipment listings, promoting clear expectations and transparency.

Need Assistance?

We recommend reviewing each coverage type to find the best fit for your rental needs. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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