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What if I notice existing damage on my rental?
What if I notice existing damage on my rental?

Addressing Noticed Damage on Rented Equipment

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Immediate Steps to Take:

  1. Inform the Owner: If you spot any damage while inspecting the equipment, bring it to the attention of the equipment's owner right away.

  2. Document with Photos: Capture clear photographs of the observed damage, ensuring the images show the issues distinctly.

  3. Provide a Detailed Description: Write a comprehensive description of the damage, specifying the affected parts and the extent of the wear or damage.

  4. Email the Evidence: Send the photographs and your written description to our support team at This ensures we maintain a record of the damage and can assist in any potential disputes or clarifications later.

Using Our Check Sheets:

It's essential to utilize our check sheets to systematically document any existing damage before officially accepting the equipment. This helps safeguard your interests and provides clarity for both parties.

If Equipment is Non-Functional:

If the damage prevents the equipment from operating as expected, get in touch with us without delay. Our team will assist in sourcing a replacement, ensuring minimal disruption to your plans.

Open communication with the owner and our team helps ensure a smooth and transparent rental process.

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