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Handling Peer Reviews on ShareGrid

Guidelines for Posting and Challenging Reviews

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Navigating the review process on ShareGrid is crucial for maintaining a respectful and transparent community. Here’s how to ensure your feedback is constructive and what to do if you need to address a concern with a review you've received.

Think Before You Post: Reviews on ShareGrid are permanent. We want you to reflect on your feedback to ensure it's thoughtful, accurate, and constructive. Before submitting, please review your comments to maintain fairness and transparency within our community.

Addressing Concerns with a Review: If you receive a review that seems unfair or malicious, you have the option to contest it:

  1. Report the Issue:

    • Visit the 'Contact Us' page on our website.

    • Detail the concerns you have with the specific review.

  2. Review and Resolution:

    • Our support team will look over your submission.

    • We will thoroughly investigate the matter and inform you of the potential next steps.

Our commitment is to uphold the integrity of our community by ensuring that all reviews are accurate and fair. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact our support team.

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