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Can I extend a rental?
Can I extend a rental?

What if the dates of my shoot change? Can I get an extension?

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Sometimes, plans change, and you might need to keep your rented gear longer than expected. We're here to help you smoothly extend your rental return date, provided the rental is available, and the rental owner agrees. Just follow these easy steps:

For Renters:

  1. Please contact the equipment owner. If you want to extend your rental period, please contact the gear owner.

  2. Request the extension: As long as the equipment is available for the extra days and the owner agrees, they can easily adjust the rental dates using the 'Edit Order' button.

Note: Granting extensions is entirely at the owner's discretion. If they can't accommodate your request, you must return the gear on the original return date.

Important for Renters with Coverage:

  • Damage Only or Damage + Theft coverage: If you have either of these coverage options, don't worry! Your coverage will automatically be extended for the additional rental days and charged accordingly.

  • Short-Term, Annual, or Third-Party insurance policy: Ensure that your policy remains valid for the entire period you wish to keep the gear, including the additional days. If your policy doesn't cover the extended period, please get in touch with your insurance company to make the necessary changes.

Once the owner extends the rental dates, our system automatically recalculates the rental cost, which you can review in the Order Summary section.

For Owners:

If you're renting out your equipment on ShareGrid, we're here to guide you on how to make rental extensions and apply custom charges or discounts easily. We aim to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for owners and renters. Let's get started:

If you are a rental owner and want to extend a rental period:

  1. Go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu on the rental confirmation page.

  2. Select ‘Change / Extend Dates.’

  3. The rental extensions will automatically apply the multi-day discounts to the additional day(s) added, per our standard pricing structure. The system will recalculate the rental cost once the extension is applied.

  4. 4: However, if you do not want to observe the multi-day discounts for the added day(s), you may apply a late fee instead of a rental extension. To add a late fee, go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu on the rental confirmation page and select ‘Late Return.’ This method will charge the renter for each additional day added, excluding the return day if the rental is returned by noon.

  5. Please remember that extending the rental period may increase the total rental cost for the renter. Therefore, ensuring they know and agree to this before making any changes is essential.

Shortening a Rental Period:

  1. To shorten a rental, go to the ‘Edit Rental’ menu and select ‘Change / Extend Dates’ in the rental view.

  2. If you previously extended the rental dates, you may see a custom charge added for the additional days. To avoid confusion, please remove this extra charge manually when the number of days is reduced.

At ShareGrid, we value your experience, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Please contact our support team should you have any questions or need help.

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