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Using Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid
Using Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid

Understanding Short-Term Insurance Flexibility

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Short-term insurance on ShareGrid is designed with versatility in mind. This means you can cover multiple items with a single policy as long as the total coverage is adequate.

Steps to Apply Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Items:

  • Choose Your Gear: Browse and select the items you wish to rent, adding each to your cart.

  • Set Rental Dates: Use the rental calendar to specify every item's pick-up and return dates.

  • Determine Total Replacement Value: Every listing displays its Replacement Value. To determine the total coverage you need, sum up the Replacement Value for all chosen items. This total should be visible during the checkout process.

Purchase Short-Term Insurance:

  1. Navigate to: Settings > Insurance > Short Term.

  2. Complete the insurance application.

  3. Ensure your coverage limit matches or exceeds the total Replacement Value of all items you're renting simultaneously.

  4. Confirm that your chosen policy dates span the entirety of your rental duration, from pick-up to drop-off.

Activate Your Insurance:

  • After purchasing, the Short-Term policy will be linked to your ShareGrid account.

  • When checking out, choose Short-Term insurance for your items. The policy should be applied seamlessly.

  • Finalize your rentals by hitting 'Send Request’.

  • Expand Your Rentals: Feel free to add more items within your Short-Term policy's coverage and effective date.

  • Automated Insurance Certificates: Our system streamlines the process by sending a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to each equipment owner you rent from.

Important Reminders:

Short-term insurance premiums and associated fees are non-refundable once purchased.

For policy-specific queries, contact Athos Insurance at (626) 716-9800 or

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