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Optimizing Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid
Optimizing Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Rentals on ShareGrid

A Practical Guide to Leveraging Single-Policy Coverage for Various Equipment Needs

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Short-term insurance on ShareGrid offers flexibility, allowing you to cover multiple items under a single policy. Here’s how you can utilize this feature effectively.

Steps to Use Short-Term Insurance for Multiple Items:

  1. Select Your Equipment: Add each item you want to rent to your cart.

  2. Set Rental Dates: Use the rental calendar to Specify pick-up and return dates for each item.

  3. Calculate Total Replacement Value: Sum the Replacement Values shown in each listing. Ensure the total coverage of your short-term insurance matches or exceeds this amount.

  4. Purchasing Insurance:

    -Go to Settings > Insurance > Short Term.

    -Complete the insurance application, ensuring the coverage limit is adequate for all items combined.

    -Verify that the policy dates cover the entire rental period from pick-up to drop-off.

  5. Activate Your Insurance:

    -Link the purchased policy to your ShareGrid account.

    -Select Short-Term insurance during checkout to apply it to your rentals.

    -Finalize the rentals by sending the request.

  6. Additional Rentals: You can add more items if they fall within your policy's coverage limit and effective dates.

  7. Automated Certificates: The system automatically sends a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to each equipment owner involved.

Important Notes: Short-term insurance premiums and fees are non-refundable. If you have any questions about your policy, please contact Athos Insurance at (626) 716-9800 or

This approach ensures you can rent multiple items simultaneously while consolidating the insurance process.

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