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How should I prepare before my renter arrives for pick up?
How should I prepare before my renter arrives for pick up?
Getting ready for your renter to arrive? Here's how to prepare like a pro.
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As an owner, help your rental transaction go more smoothly by following these tips.

Prepare your gear

  • Double-check that all items are present.

  • Clean and test everything.

  • Make sure all batteries are fully charged.

  • Inventory your gear, and pack it carefully.

Coordinate pickup

  • Give clear directions to meetup location.

  • Be available to respond to texts, phone calls or emails.

  • Be on time.

At the meeting

  • Check the renter's ID when they arrive, and make sure the name matches their profile. If the renter has added an Authorized Person, check their ID, and make sure the name matches the name shown in the rental conversation thread. Do not hand over gear without checking the person's ID.

  • Allow enough time to assist the renter as they prep and check your equipment.

  • Run through the Digital Checksheet with the renter. The renter can access this from their phone or laptop. You'll complete the checksheet when the renter returns the gear.

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