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Is there a fee to use ShareGrid?
Is there a fee to use ShareGrid?
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We charge Owners a fixed 15% Service Fee and Renters a dynamic Community Fee (typically 5%).

Most Renters pay a 5% fee, but some pay more. The fee is shown during checkout before the Renter requests the rental, so they know what to expect. Several factors unique to each booking can influence the rental’s Community Fee calculation. These include when the rental is scheduled for pickup, the selected coverage option, and the booking lead time (rentals booked further in advance can lower the associated fee).

If the Renter cancels a booked/confirmed rental, the Community Fee, in some cases, may not be refundable.

ShareGrid fees help cover the costs of ID verification, coverage verification, security, customer service, feature improvements, and dispute mitigation.

Buy & Sell

For Buy and Sell transactions, there is a low 5% fee for Sellers.

The Buyer pays the payment processing fee. This is 2.45% + 0.30 cents for credit card payments, or 0.8% with a maximum of $5.00 for ACH bank payments.

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