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Why Add Links to Your Professional and Social Profiles?
Why Add Links to Your Professional and Social Profiles?

Why do you provide fields to add my social profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, IMDB, YouTube, Vimeo, etc?

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Building Trust and Credibility with Your Profile Links:

  • Showcase Your Work: By linking to portfolios or past projects, you allow other members to see the quality and variety of your work, which can enhance your credibility on ShareGrid.

  • Establish Trust: Sharing professional links, such as LinkedIn or IMDB, can provide assurance to other members of your professional background and industry experience.

  • Personalize Your Profile: Social media links help paint a broader picture of who you are, both as a professional and as an individual, facilitating better connections with other community members.

  • Increase Rental Acceptance: Especially for new members, a fully filled-out profile with linked accounts can make equipment owners more comfortable, potentially leading to a higher rate of accepted rental requests.

How Do These Links Appear?

Once added via account settings, these links will be prominently displayed under your profile page's 'About me' section.

Want a Step-by-Step Guide?

For an easy tutorial on how to update your profile with these links, check out our instructional video below:

By investing a few moments to add these links, you enrich your profile and contribute to making ShareGrid a more transparent and connected community.

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