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Enhancing Your ShareGrid Profile with Professional and Social Links
Enhancing Your ShareGrid Profile with Professional and Social Links

Why Include Links to Your Professional and Social Profiles?

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Adding links to your social and professional profiles can significantly boost your credibility and trustworthiness on ShareGrid. Here’s why and how to effectively include them:

Benefits of Including Profile Links:

  • Showcase Your Work: Links to portfolios or past projects demonstrate your expertise and the quality of your work to potential rental owners and community members.

  • Establish Professional Trust: Professional links like LinkedIn or IMDB affirm your industry experience and background, providing confidence to other community members.

  • Personalize Your Presence: Social media links give a fuller picture of your professional life, fostering better connections within the community.

  • Increase Opportunities: Particularly for new members, a well-rounded profile with relevant links can make equipment owners more likely to accept your rental requests.

How Your Links Are Displayed:

After adding your links through your account's "Settings/Profile Info" section, they will be prominently displayed in your profile page's 'About me' section. This visibility allows other users to access and review your credentials and past work easily.

Adding Links to Your Profile:

Watch our step-by-step tutorial video below for guidance on including these links. This simple addition can enhance your interactions on ShareGrid by making your profile more engaging and trustworthy.

Investing a few minutes to update your profile with these links can significantly enrich your ShareGrid experience, helping you to network more effectively and secure more transactions.

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