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Understanding Contracts on ShareGrid
Understanding Contracts on ShareGrid

What Owners and Renters Need to Know

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Engaging with ShareGrid, whether you're listing equipment as an owner or participating as a renter, buyer, or seller, establishes a legally binding contract. Several documents support this contract:

  • Terms of Service: This document defines the use of our platform, including terms, rights, responsibilities, and general rules.

  • Privacy Policy: Explains how your data is collected, used, and protected.

  • Community Rules: Outlines expected behaviors and guidelines for all community members.

Key Documents in the Rental Process: Two primary documents reinforce the contractual agreement during the rental process:

  1. Rental Conversation (Booking Confirmation): Confirms the rental arrangement, listing both parties involved and the rental equipment.

  2. Rental Invoice: This is the official transaction record detailing costs and identifying the Owner and the Renter.

Your Agreement: Using ShareGrid, you agree to adhere to these documents. They are designed to protect all members and ensure transactions are conducted transparently, fairly, and securely. Please contact our support team if you have questions or need further clarification.

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