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Can I Use My Own Insurance Policy for Rentals?
Can I Use My Own Insurance Policy for Rentals?

Using Your Own Third-Party Insurance on ShareGrid

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If you have your own rental insurance, you're welcome to use it on ShareGrid.

What Should I Check Before Using My Policy?

  • Ensure that your policy covers rented equipment. If you're uncertain, consult with your insurance provider for clarity.

How Do I Get My Policy Verified on ShareGrid?

  1. Upload the details of your insurance policy to your ShareGrid account.

  2. Our team will contact your insurance provider to validate your coverage amount and the policy's effective dates.

  3. After verification, which might take 1-2 business days, your policy details β€” including coverage limits and effective dates β€” will be updated on your ShareGrid account.

  4. You're all set! With your verified insurance policy in place, you can proceed with your rentals on ShareGrid.

Remember, ensuring your policy remains active and covers the necessary equipment throughout your rental period is crucial. If you have further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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