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What are the criteria you look for in members?
What are the criteria you look for in members?
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  • Amount and type of gear: Our goal is to maintain and expand a diverse inventory of equipment for our members to rent. So whatever you think may be valuable to the community, we encourage you to list it.

  • Professional experience: We encourage members to showcase their professional experience. Fill out your biography, and include links to your reel, your website, your IMDB profile, and your work on YouTube and Vimeo. You can also link to your Mandy and Staff Me Up profiles, so other members can see your work in the industry.

  • Social media profiles: Linking your social media profiles, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, represents your social and professional background, and helps other members get to know who you are. Here’s a video on how to build a compelling bio on ShareGrid. Filling out your profile also helps other members feel more comfortable renting to or from you. 

  • Identity verification: We use an automated ID verification system to protect our community and prevent fraud. You'll need to go through this process before you make your first rental. Learn more here.

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