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What are the criteria you look for in members?
What are the criteria you look for in members?

Member Profile Criteria on ShareGrid

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At ShareGrid, we value a diverse and trusted community of professionals. Here's what we look for when considering member profiles:

Gear Inventory:

  • Diversity is Key: We aim to offer our members a broad range of equipment options. Whether you have unique niche gear or more common equipment, we welcome you to list it if it can benefit our community.

Professional Background:

  • Showcase Your Experience: Highlighting your professional journey adds credibility to your profile. Consider these steps.

  • Biography: Share a brief about yourself and your journey in the industry.

  • Portfolios & Profiles: Include links to your reel, personal website, IMDB, YouTube, and Vimeo. We also support linking to Mandy and Staff Me Up, enabling other members to gauge your industry footprint.

Social Footprint:

  • Stay Connected: Linking social media accounts can provide a window into your professional and social world. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer insights into your networks and professional milestones.

  • Creating a Strong Profile: We've put together a tutorial video to help you craft a compelling ShareGrid bio. A well-detailed profile boosts confidence among members, fostering a trusting rental experience.

Identity Verification:

  • Safety First: We employ an automated ID verification system to maintain a secure community. This system is designed to prevent fraudulent activities and safeguard our members. Before diving into your first rental, you'll need to complete this verification. Want to know more about this process? Check out our detailed guide here.

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