1. If you would like to meet a renter or drop off your equipment at a location hub you can do so by suggesting a hub after you have received a rental request.

2. Make sure you coordinate with the renter at what time you would like to meet them there or what time they plan to pick up so you can drop off prior to their arrival.

3. You can leave your equipment a few days before, but you may not store if there for a long period of time.

4. Make sure you prep your gear before you drop off. Charge your batteries, wipe your lenses and also note any existing damage on the order sheet when you arrive at the location hub.

5. Call the location hub if you have any questions about time, parking or anything else.

6. When you arrive at the hub, tell them your name and they will pull up your order sheet.

7. Sign the sheet when you drop off and pickup.

8. If any damage occurred, take photos, contact ShareGrid and mark it on the order sheet.

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