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What if my equipment has visible damage or missing items?
What if my equipment has visible damage or missing items?

Addressing Equipment Damage and Missing Items: A Guide for Owners

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Guidelines for Handling Equipment Damage and Missing Items:

Effective Communication is Key: Transparent communication and a clear understanding of issues foster a sense of trust, ensuring a seamless rental experience for both owners and renters.

Damage to Your Equipment:

  • Immediate Documentation: If you observe any damage once your equipment is returned, promptly take clear photographs capturing the extent and nature of the damage.

  • Complete the Incident Form: Fill out our online Incident Form and attach the photos you've taken. This allows us to start the assessment process as swiftly as possible.

  • Timeliness is Essential: Ensure you report the damage within 24 hours of the equipment's return date. Damage reported after this window might not be eligible for coverage through insurance or the damage waiver.

Dealing with Missing Items:

  • Check with the Renter: Before jumping to conclusions, it's essential to contact the renter. More often than not, items might have been accidentally overlooked during packing.

  • Charges for Delayed Returns: If items aren't returned by the end of the agreed rental period, the renter might incur additional rental fees. Owners have the discretion to charge a one-day rental fee.

  • 24-Hour Window: If the renter can't locate and return the missing item(s) within 24 hours post the rental end date, they will be liable for the replacement costs.

  • Reach Out to ShareGrid: If you prefer to get ShareGrid involved, or if direct communication with the renter doesn't resolve the issue, you can contact us at We're here to assist and mediate when necessary.

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