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What if my equipment has visible damage or missing items?
What if my equipment has visible damage or missing items?
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If you notice any damage during the rental, please fill out our incident form, take a photo of the damage and attach them to the form. Our claims team will follow up with the next steps. 

Please note that damage reported more than 24 hours after the rental return date may not be covered by insurance or the damage waiver. 

Missing Items:

Missing items are not covered under any of our coverage options. Often, missing items can be retrieved, as typically renters may have forgotten to pack them. It is always best to check with renters first and see if they still have the missing piece before you report an incident to ShareGrid.  

All rented items must be returned at the end of the rental period, or the renter may be charged rental fees until returned. A one-day rental fee may be collected at the owner’s discretion. If the renter is unable to locate and return the missing item(s) within 24-hours of the rental end date, the cost of the replacement is their responsibility. You are welcome to handle this directly with the Renter or email our team at

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