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Navigating Equipment Damage and Missing Items for ShareGrid Owners
Navigating Equipment Damage and Missing Items for ShareGrid Owners

Essential Guidelines for Addressing Rental Issues Effectively

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This guide outlines practical steps for ShareGrid owners to effectively manage and address equipment damage and missing items, ensuring a smooth resolution process.

Effective Communication: Open and clear communication is crucial, fostering trust and ensuring smooth interactions between owners and renters.

Handling Equipment Damage:

  1. Immediate Documentation: As soon as you notice damage after the equipment is returned, take detailed photographs to capture the extent and nature of the damage.

  2. Complete the Incident Form: Please complete our online Incident Form and attach the photos. This will initiate the assessment process quickly.

  3. Timeliness: Report the damage within 24 hours of the equipment's return. Delays may affect the eligibility for coverage under insurance or a damage waiver.

Addressing Missing Items:

  1. Contact the Renter: Before assuming items are lost, check with the renter; items are often simply overlooked.

  2. Charges for Delayed Returns: If items are not returned at the end of the rental period, you may charge additional fees, typically a one-day rental fee.

  3. 24-Hour Window: If the renter cannot return the missing items within 24 hours after the rental period, they are responsible for replacement costs.

Support from ShareGrid: If direct communication does not resolve the issue, or you prefer assistance, contact support. Our team is ready to help mediate and provide support where needed.

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